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Gallery of Works

An Artist is someone that can take something ordinary and present it in an        extraordinary way. 

Creating art can be freeing, fun and also frustrating! Painting has taught me to let go, be brave, make mistakes and in the process beautiful unexpected miracles of colour and shape transform. Art in all forms teaches us to think out of the square. We learn to appreciate colour, form and the world around us. art tells a story of time, place and mood. It teaches us that no one is perfect!

A painting is successful when it takes the viewer to where they have never been before, raises questions and enlightens. You are buying art for your personal space not a museum or a gallery so consider art as an investment

in two things only, 'your happiness when you gaze at it' and the thoughtfulness it brings to a space'.

Buy a piece of art that you love, don't worry too much about the size or where especially you'll hang it. if you love it, you'll find a spot, we always do!




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